Saturday, April 11, 2009

24. Advert is Apr 12, 2009

ANTI-STRESS ECO-TOURISM HOLIDAYS 2009. Scenic Lake Inle, Myanmar. May 2009 and monthly. 10 single couples wanted to make up a tour. A relaxing tour to de-stress with fellow Singaporeans. Scenic tour of Lake Inle. Friendly villagers, unpolluted air, clear waters, rolling green mountains, back to nature, trekking, upscale hotel, good food, far away from high rises and traffic jams and the concrete jungle. Be rejuvenated and alive.

Asia USA Realty (S) Pte Ltd. Singapore Travel Agent No. 01800
Details and photos at:
Tel: 9668-6468, 9664-0404,

Asiahomes specialises in Myanmar Travels but has:
1. PERSONALISED VACATIONS to various parts of Myanmar for couples, families and companies.
2. CUSTOM TOURS - Myanmar, Vietnam, China for companies
3. AIR-TICKETING - Cheap air-tickets to Europe, USA etc. Tel 9664-0404.

More info: e-mail,, Tel: 9668-6468

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