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23. Inle Lake - Ecotourism


The Legendary Golden Land ‘the Land of Pagodas’, a country of friendly and generous people-this is still the Myanmar of today.

The Union of the Myanmar is a Vast land of 676577 Sq Km, comprising seven Division & seven State with over one hundred national groups. The name Myanmar embraces all the nationalities with the major races being the Bamar, the Kachin, the Kayah, the Kayin, the Chin, the Mon, the Rakhine and the Shan. Shan state lies in the eastern, most part of the union of Myanmar.

More then 50 national races of Shan people are stay together in Shan state. There are many tourist attraction place in Shan state. Such as the tranquil summer resort of Kalaw, the mythical caves of Pindaya, the ancient Pagodas of Kekku, the border towns of Tachilike, Mong La and Muse, the famous Inlay Lake & Floating market in Nyaung Shwe. And the indigenous Shan nationals. The Shan plateau possesses cultural ,historical, religious and ecotourism attractions of domestic and international travellers.

Among them, Inlay Lake is very famous and interesting place. Inlay lake is an ecotourism destination in Myanmr, famous for its fishermen who row with their one leg locked around a long oar and the other foot firmly gripping the flat stern of the boat.

Inlay Lake is situated in the heart of the Shan state, the (22)km long and (10)km wide.

In Inlay lake, the following places are normal visiting for travellers. Phaung Daw Oo Pagoda; Phaung Daw Oo pagoda is one of the famous Principle Pagodas in Myanmar which house five Buddha images. This Pagoda is the main attraction of Inlay Lake and is situated in the middle of the lake.

Inn Paw Khon Village ; -Typical Handicrafts, work shop and sales centre.
-Silk & Cotton fabric
-Iron Smith

Once Five Day Market
- Nam Pan Market ; The Largest Market in Inlay Lake
- Maing Thouk Market , Khaung Dine Market, Pagoda Market, Floating Market, Nyaung Shwe Market, Inn Dein Market, Thann Taung Market, Taung To Market & Shop Keepers
And Customer are selling & buying by Boat.

Religious Buliding ; Buddhist monestry are in every villages in Inlay Lake. Mosque are in MainThouk Village and Nyaung Shwe Town . Church is in Naung Shwe Town.

Handicraft work shop; Pottery (Kyauk Tai Village), Sliver & Gold Smith, Shan paper (Heya Yarma Village).
Padaung House ; Padaung Laday (Long neck Lady) in Nampan village, Heya Yarma village.

Other activities ; Canoe boat, Trekking, Excursing to InnChan (Floating garden).

Bird Watching ; the Inlay Lake gives an ideal opportunity for bird watching.

Inlay and its Environs ; Taunggyi, a splendid cool, pine clad natural resort is the capital of Shan state, located in the eastern part of the Union of Myanmar. Being situated over 1400 meters. (4712 foot) above sea level. Taunggyi is an ideal tourist destination known for its scenic beauty and pleasant climate, Taunggyi stays colourful with lovely flowers, pine trees and green orchids, cool the whole year round for travellers especially during the summer.

One exciting scene in Taunggyi is the early morning activities of the hilltribes. They bring down their crops as early as down for sale in the market. The crops available are ripe strawberries, colorful flower and fresh vegetables.

Hot Air Balloon festival ; The most spectacular event of the year is the Hot Air Balloon festival held every November in Taunggyi commonly called the Taunggyi Tazaungdaing Festivals. This Festival also includes the celebration of Tazaungdaing with Kaktein (Offering of monk robes).

Heho - Gateway to Inlay ; Heho is are gateway to the Inlay Lake, especially for those who travel by plane. This town is located halfway between Aung Ban and Shwe Nyaung Junction south to Nyaung Shwe and Inlay Lake.

Kalaw - a popular hill resort town; Kalaw is another peaceful and tranquil summer resort, located (71)km west of Taunggyi .Beautiful and cool with fragrant pinewoods and lovely walks makes Kalaw perfect for trakking and indigenous cultural experience. The road from Kalaw to pindaya is an exciting experience of panoramic views.

The town Pindaya ; Pindaya is about (45)km by car from Kalaw and only about (2) hours drives from Heho Air port. This town is (1183) meters above sea level. The foot of a western Cave of mountain which are over (1525) meter high.

The road from Kalaw to Pindaya passes through the little town of Aung Ban ,which is famous for its sweet tangerine groves. The scenic road between AungBan and Pindaya also passes through villages where Shan, Pa O, Palaung, Bamar, Inther and Danu people live.

Trekking Pindaya - Kalaw and the surrounding hills; on the mountain range around Kalaw are the village where trekking is an experience which varies from one day to five days study the traditional costumes of the Palaung people in Taraw village, a tourist attraction which has kept its ancient look.

The sight of tea plantations and other seasonal crops, quiet parkways are there, except for the chirping of the birds.

Trekking along the path from Kalaw to the Inlay Lake is even more interesting. Enjoy the unspoiled natural scenery of Inlay Lake which leads to Kakku Pagoda complex.

Compiled by Management Team of the Myanmar Treasure Resorts, Inle. 08/04/09.

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