Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Lake Inle, Myanmar - Be Kind To Spiders

Sometimes you will get surprises. If you see small spiders on the bed of the waterfront villas of Lake Inle, what do you do? City dwellers will complain to the hotel staff. They don't expect spiders on the bed. What do they do?

In this case, the hotel girl brought in a large long greenish insecticide can. It looked like a Bayer spray can.

"What do you use this can for?" I asked the hotel girl as she entered the room, all ready for action.

"It is used against cockroaches," she said. I shook my head. How could she spray against the small spiders on the bed. The whole bed will be smelling of insecticide spray. The lady did not spray. If you see small spiders and their cobwebs on the bed, use a tissue paper and catch them. Release them outside the hut. No need to kill them.

I heard some scattering running noises on the thatched roof but kept quiet. Singapore girls are afraid of rats and if I say "rats", they may scream.

When we travel to the countryside, expect some small spiders and insects. Tarantulas are rare and if you do see them, be alert and inform the hotel staff. As for small spiders, let them live. Be Kind To Spiders.

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